surendra pal

Surendra Pal

Surendra Pal is an Indian actor who is known to work in various Hindi films and television serials. Surendra Pal was born on 25 September 1953. He is best known for his role as Dronacharya in Indian epic drama Mahabharat (1988), Amatya Rakshas in Chanakya (1991) and the daring villain Tamraj Kilvish in superhero based […]

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sujit kumar

Sujit Kumar

Sujit Kumar is a popular Bollywood and Bhojpuri actor who is known to play crucial roles as either a villain or a major character actor. Sujit Kumar was born on 7 February 1934. This fine actor is known to provide magic in the Hindi and Bhojpuri cinema since 1960’s. It is said that he has […]

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Pradeep Pandey

Pradeep Pandey is a film actor who works in Bhojpuri films. He is the eldest son of Bhojpuri film- maker Rajkumar R Pandey. Pradeep Pandey was born on 9 December 1992 in Mumbai (Kandivali). He was educated at Thakur College of Science and Commerce (Mumbai). Pradeep Pandey made his debut in Bhojpuri films with Deewana […]

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Nazir Hussain

Nazir Hussain, also known as Nasir Hussain is a famous film actor, director and screenplay writer. He is a charismatic actor who has captivated audiences of Hindi films over decades with his portrayal of mind-blowing characters. Nazir Hussain was born on 15 My 1922 and spent his childhood in Lucknow. His father’s name was Shahabzad […]

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Kamaal Rashid Khan

Kamaal R Khan started his film career as a producer and actor in the Bollywood film ‘Deshdrohi’ (2008). He also appeared in a cameo role in the hit film ‘Ek Villian’ (2014). He also appeared as the main antagonist and as a producer in the Bhojpuri film ‘Munna Pandey Berozgaar’ (2006). KRK also produced the […]

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krushna abhishek

Krushna Abhishek

Abhishek Sharma, is popularly known by his screen name – Krushna Abhishek is an Indian comedian and actor. He is also the nephew of the Bollywood actor Govinda. Krushna Abhishek was born on 30 May 1983 to parents Atmaprakash Sharma and Padma. He is best known for his comic role in Bol Bachachan (2012) and […]

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