Bigg Boss

In Bigg Boss a number of contestants mostly celebrities from various walks of life like actors, business tycoons, musicians, models, politicians, etc lives in a purposely built house totally separated from the rest of the world. They were not allowed to interact with their friends and family members nor were they allowed to use any sort of communication in forms of phone, internet, television, internet connection, pen, paper, etc. Here the contestants or the house inmates need to co-ordinate and adjust with each other, perform various tasks given by them and moreover they also need to save themselves from elimination based on public voting. Every week the house inmates nominate two among them for expulsion and the inmates who get the maximum nominations would face a public voting. The one who leaves the house are evicted from the Big Boss house. However this process is formulated by the Big Boss. The house mates are constantly supervised by the mysterious person called “Big Boss” who resides in the house only trough his magnificent voice.