rakesh pandey

Rakesh Pandey Biography

Rakesh Pandey is an Indian actor who appears in films and television serials. He is known to play various memorable characters in Hindi and Bhojpuri films along with Hindi serials. Rakesh Pandey was born on 1946 and hails from Nahan in the beautiful hilly state of Himachal Pradesh. In his early life, he joined India’s […]

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Nazir Hussain

Nazir Hussain, also known as Nasir Hussain is a famous film actor, director and screenplay writer. He is a charismatic actor who has captivated audiences of Hindi films over decades with his portrayal of mind-blowing characters. Nazir Hussain was born on 15 My 1922 and spent his childhood in Lucknow. His father’s name was Shahabzad […]

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