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Synopsis : Three young girls and boys, who were both beautiful and good friends, were entering adolescence and becoming curious about their sexual desires. They decided to go on a date to explore these desires and put what they had learned into practice. They planned to have their first sexual experience at a party on a Saturday night, but were unsure if this was the right decision. When their parents found out about their plans, they intervened to stop their children fromm making a mistake and help guide them on their journey. The lack of information about the location, travel, and the impact on the daughters raises questions about the parents’ efforts and the children’s desires. The screenplay is captivating but fails to effectively convey the emotions involved in the children’s struggle between their parents’ love.”

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Chiclets (Film)
Movie Title Chiclets
Genre Teen Drama
Release Date 2 February 2024 (Theatrical)
Language Tamil
Country of Origin India
Duration 2h 12m
Colour / Black & White Colour
Production Company Name Ssb Films
Star Cast and Role
satvik verma

Sathvik Varma

Jack Rabinson

Jack Robinson

nayan karishma

Nayan Karishma


Surekha Vani





Crew Member
Director Muthu.M
Writer Muthu.M
Producer S Srinivasan Guru
Cinematographer Kolanchi Kumar
Editor Vijay Velukutty
Music Balamurali Balu