En 6 Vaathiyaar Kaalpanthatta Kuzhu


En 6 Vaathiyaar Kaalpanthatta Kuzhu


Youngsters from daily wage earner families play football in their leisure time and excel at it. Knowing this, the differently-abled youth known as “Vathiyar” from the same town, trained these players from an early age in football and bought the best team “No. 6 Vathiyar Football Team” as the best team in the district-level football tournament held later in the same town, Tamil Nadu Football. Makes recommendations to the committee. Ratnam, a political powerhouse from the same town who came to know about this news, uses his political and financial influence to block their ambitious dream of joining the district sports team by using the committee. The reason for that is that in the same town, people who belong to many wage-earning families like them, who are in various companies like wood shops, factories, etc., of this gem, tomorrow, if they use their skills as ambitions and dreams and go for sports and foreign jobs, all their businesses in the locality will be disabled and they will have to earn huge losses. Selfishness is the reason why he is doing this kind of work. In this, the disheartened athletes despair as their lives are now a big question mark. Knowing this, the coach “Vathiyar” stands up and raises his voice against Ratnam.The villain murders him in anger. The story of this film is written as a response to the voice of the anti-authority who raised their voice against this fate of a good person who sacrificed his life considering their future welfare.


En 6 Vaathiyaar Kaalpanthatta Kuzhu (Film)
Movie Title En 6 Vaathiyaar Kaalpanthatta Kuzhu
Genre Sports, Action
Release Date 15 September 2023 (Theatrical)
Language Tamil
Country of Origin India
Duration 122.58 MM.SS
Colour / Black & White Colour
Censor Certificate U/A


Cast and Crew

Lead Cast:
S.Sharath Kumar
Ayraa Jain

Supporting cast :
Ganja Karuppu
Sona heiden
Gajaraj S.
Madhan Dakshinamoorthy


Directors – S. Hari Uthraa
Producers – S. Hari Uthraa , Dr. S.Prithi Shankar.
Camera :- Vinoth Raja
Editor :- Kishore.M
Music Director :- Aj Alimirzaq
Digital PR – Ahmed Asjad