Bigg Boss Season 13

Bigg Boss

On September 29, Big Boss 13 premiered where the show’s host since the past 10 seasons, Salman Khan, introduced all 13 contestants (including noted celebrities such as Siddharth Shukla, Paras Chhabra, Rashama Desai, Dalljiet Kaur, Abu Malik, Koena Mitra, Devoleena Bhattacharjee among others). Only celebrities have been roped in for the latest BB season. 

In addition to their regular appearances, the celebrities will be given tasks on the premiere episode too. More so, the contestants cannot choose their beds, though they receive varied colored bands to select their Bed Friend Forever (BFF). 

This time around, the celebs are going to be locked inside the house for 15 weeks. Also, Salman said the season is based on the theme, ‘tedha par mera’, during one of the promos.

The season’s first show will be telecast on September 30th onwards. Scroll down to know more about what’s in store for Big Boss Season 13.

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1) Only Celebs
Big Boss 13 is different than the past 12 seasons because the show features only celebrities. So, no commoners are invited to be part of the show.

2) Season Finale in 4 weeks
Host Salman Khan announced that the season’s finale will take place in 4 weeks. In the meanwhile, some lucky contestants can win a ticket to the finale too. However, they have to give their best performance to be one of the fortunate ones to win a finale ticket.

3) Fluffy – A Furry Friend
Big Boss 13 will feature a pet dog, Fluffy. Yes, the dog was, also, seen running around the BB house in one of the promos. However, this is not the first season that has BB has pets in the house; in the past seasons, BB has opened its doors to other animals as well.

4) Different Location
Big Boss 13 is different this time around. This is because the house has been constructed in Filmcity in Mumbai, and not Lonavala like all the previous seasons. Salman said that shooting the show in Mumbai would help solve the communication issues.

5) Show Schedule
To catch the latest on what’s brewing inside the house, you can catch the show’s episodes on Weekdays from 1030 hours to 1130 hours. On weekends, the show will air from 9 pm onwards.

6) New Tasks
Host Salman Khan mentioned that from day 1 onwards, he will be delegating Dhamakedaar tasks to the contestants. The tasks will be new ones and add further to the drama of the house.

7) Lively Look
The Big Boss 13 house is named BB Museum. Also, Omung Kumar was roped in to design the house. And he has imparted a lively and vibrant look to the house. Ranging from fluorescent hues to newer graphics, the house boasts of a series of aesthetic aspects. Moreover, the BB logo has been changed. Watch the garden space to view the new ‘BB’ logo on the show.

8) Camera Count – 93
The house will contain 93 cameras in all, capturing all the activities of the contestants round-the-clock during their stay.

9) Ameesha Patel – Surprise Element
Renowned actress Ameesha Patel is the malkin of the house and she will assign tasks to the participants. She will stay in a secret room; and her job is to monitor the contestants.

10) Jhallad will be missed
In all the past seasons, Jhallad would entertain audiences with his performances. Sadly, he will not be part of this season. He put out a message on social media saying that he is not part of the entertainment industry anymore.

11) Salman’s novel chalet
Omung Kumar (Bollywood’s popular art director) will design Salman Khan’s new chalet that promises to be as interesting as the last year’s one where a swimming pool, a gym, and among many other interesting features, were included.

12) Salman’s Lucky 13
At a press meet, Salman mentioned that 13 is believed to be an unlucky number, but has proved to be lucky for him. Thus, the show promises to have everything tedha.

13) 18500 sq.ft house room
The Big Boss 13 house is slated to be 18500 sq. ft. in length. Also, the washroom is positioned near the conference room and not attached to the kitchen.

14) Triple bed sets
The BB 13 bedroom will have only one single bed. Also, the contestants will have many triple beds. Now, the fun part will be to see them bonding and fighting for the beds in the room.

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List of Big Boss 13 contestants 

  1. Devoleena Bhatacharjee
  2. Sidharth Shukla
  3. Rashami Desai
  4. Mahira Sharma
  5. Koena Mitra
  6. Shehnaaz Gill
  7. Aarti Singh
  8. Shefali Bagga
  9. Siddharth Dey
  10. Dalljiet Kaur
  11. Ashwini Koul
  12. Asim Riaz
  13. Abu Malik
  14. Paras Chhabra