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The Story is set up in a village Aranthangi, where a zamindar lives with his prodigal son Mayavan. The zamindar adopted two fraternity sons Kathir and Sakthi.

Mayavan, who always fights with his father to register the zameen house to his name, dies unexpectedly. People believe that Mayavan’s spirit haunt the house.

After the death of mayavan zamindar registered the zameen house to his fraternity sons. The same night zamindar dies suddenly in that house. By the time Kanagu who is close to the Zameendar uses some witchcraft tricks to conquer the bungalow.

Kathir comes to live in the bungalow with his newly married wife. As they were living happily together some paranormal things happen and questions like what is the reason for those supernaturals? What was the cause of zamindar’s death? arose.

Kathir finds answer to these and many other unanswered questions along with his younger brother Sakthi, how they unveil the mystery and recovers from it; is told in a horror thriller genre in an unpredictable form.

Aranam (Film)
Movie Title Aranam
Genre Crime| Horror | Thriller
Release Date 8 December 2023 (Theatrical)
Language Tamil
Country of Origin India
Duration 122 minutes
Colour / Black & White Colour
Production Company Name Thamizh Thiraikkoodam
Distributor Uthraa Productions
Star Cast and Role

Piriyan as Kathir


Varsha Saravanakumar as Thillai Naayagi


Laguparan as Sakthi


Keerthana kannadhasan as Kayal


Crew Member
Director Piriyan
Writer Piriyan
Producer Thamizh Thiraikkoodam
Cinematographer Nithin.k.raj ,  E.j.Nousath
Editor PK
Music Saajan Madhav
Stunt Master Rugger Ramkumar
Digital PR Asjad

Ahmed Asjad

Aranam Film Trailer


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