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Naayaadi (Film)
Movie Title Naayaadi
Genre Horror | Suspense| Fantasy| Thriller
Release Date 16th June 2023 (Theatrical)
Language Tamil
Duration 102 minutes
Colour / Black & White Colour

Naayaadi Trailer
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Star Cast and Role
Aadharsh Madhikaandham as Aadharsh
Kadhambari Sowmya as Mithra
Malavika Manoj as Swathi
Fabby as Fabby
Aravinth samy J as Aravind
Nivas S. Saravanan as Niwas
Ravichandran K as Ravichandran
G Geetha lakshmi as Mithra
Director, Producer & Writers
Directed by Aadharsh Madhikaandham
Producer Mohandas Pullanikaatil, Mani Suresh, Finny Mathew ,Vipin Thomas and Aadharsh Madhikaandham
Writers Aadharsh Madhikaandham (Story Screenplay and Direction)
Other Crew Member
Choreographer Mosses Daniel
Editors C.M.Elangovan
Music Arun
Digital PR Ahmed Asjad

Asjad Started


Ancient India 1000’s of years ago is filled with mystery and it is believed the witchcraft voodoo and black magic originated from ancient India. 

There were several tribes involved in worshiping dark gods and performing human sacrifices. 

At present an old couple buys a 200 year old bungalow to convert into a resort but to their horror they finds out the estate has a  supernatural entity 

They seek help from a group of young youtubers to find more about the supernatural presence.

Will the young youtubers be able to find out the centuries old secret and reveal the truth. What is the connection between them , the estate and Naayaadi ? 

Naayaadi Poster