2323 the Beginning Movie Star Cast, Release Date, Trailer & Poster


2323 the Beginning


This time, it’s a science fiction film titled, “2323 – the beginning”, a Sathish Ramakrishnan initiative.
Maayon, the protagonist, commences as a child prodigy, a pluviophile; an ingenious who can control weather.
Eventually, he is ambushed by a mega-corporate team, which is in the pursuit of controlling the world energy
sector by generating power through cyclones, thereby destroying nature; they reach out to Maayon through the
scintillating Yaksha. On the contrary, the do-gooders unearth the remnants of classified quantum energy,
thus putting an end to the reprobate. Maayon’s resurgence will subsist…in the sequels too

Movie Title : 2323 the Beginning

Release date : Nov 18, 2022Country of Origin : India

Languages : Tamil

Genres : Sci-Fi

Director :Sathish RamakrishnanDistributors : Power King Studios( TN Theatrical)

Production Companies : Thyan Creatives and Vetri Tamil Vuruvakkam

Cast Name

  1. : Sathish Ramakrishnan
  2. Saathvika Appiah
  3. Crystal Imera
  4. Mahendra Masanaiyan
  5. Saravanan Radhakrishnan
  6. Thiruloga Chander
  7. Aroul D Shankar
  8.  Aparna Radhakrishnan
  9. Anand R Lingaa

Writer : Sathish Ramakrishnan

Producers : Mahendra Masanaiyan

Cinematographers: Saravanan Radhakrishnan, DM.Chandru, Vinay Raghu Ramaiah, Praveen Ravinder

Editors : Sathish Ramakrishnan

Music : Maharaj Thevar

Digital PR- Ahmed Asjad

Production Status : Released

Budget: 1.5 crores

Running Time : 125.03 mins