Africa 24 News Channel

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Launched in the year 2009, Africa 24 provides round-the-clock news for Africa. In the month of January 2013, as per an announcement by the Arab Satellite Communications Organization (Arabsat), the Africa 24 news channel was made available on satellite networks spanning North Africa and the Middle East, with the aim being to reach immigrants who are based in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The headquarters of Africa 24 are traced to Nairobi, Kenya, Africa. More so, the broadcast area of the Africa 24 channel is Africa, and the channel delivers news in the French language.

The founder of the Africa 24 channel is Constant Nemale. He is the President of the Afrimédia SA company, having its base in Saint-Cloud in France.

One popular program of the Africa 24 channel is the Africa News Room. This program is broadcast from 1730 GMT to 1830 GMT from Monday to Friday. Khadija Sfar and Marie Angèle Toure are the hosts of this programme. Among the various themes that Africa News Room discusses are Education, Society, Health, Politics, and Economy.

Another popular program on the Africa 24 news channel is the Talk. As part of this program, Babylas Boton, the host, conducts interviews of African personalities from the fields of politics, economy, and society.

Among other programs that are broadcast on the Africa 24 news channel include Journal Télévisé (JT), Magazine, and Sport.

The Africa 24 channel has, also, launched ‘Believe in Africa’, a commercial label, in the year 2011. Having the support of multinational companies and other partners, the ‘Believe in Africa’ label is focused on promoting African businesses.

The official website of the Africa 24 news channel is Also, the channel is viewable on its YouTube channel,