Al Jazeera Qatar News Channel

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A television news channel, Al Jazeera English (AJE) runs on the Al Jazeera Media Network. The AJE started operations from 15th November 2006 onwards and is hailed for being the first English news channel to have its headquarters in the Middle East. The AJE headquarters are traceable to Doha in Qatar, London in the United Kingdom, and Washington DC in the USA.  

Also, AJE is not operated centrally; instead, the news management shuttles between broadcasting hubs in London and Doha. Besides its two main broadcasting centers, the AJE boasts of 21 bureaux worldwide; these centers collate and create news. 

The staff of the AJE channel comprises of both full-time staff members and local freelancers. More so, the AJE channel is available in a host of countries via cable and satellite systems.

Also, on 26th November 2013, Al Jazeera English HD was launched on Freeview; the channel started streaming in HD on YouTube from the year 2015 onwards.

Among the programs that are aired currently on AJE include Head to Head (an interview program) and Counting the Cost (a weekly program that focuses on business and finance). Some documentary shows that are broadcast on the AJE channel include Fault Lines, Al Jazeera Investigations, and 101 East. Other programs that air on the AJE channel are Witness, Viewfinder, The Stream, The Bottom Line, TechKnow, and People & Power.

The AJE is viewable online on its website and YouTube channel, too. The AJE website and YouTube channel offer a free HD stream for unlimited viewing. Moreover, on the AJE official website, news reports and programs of the channel are freely accessible.