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A British television news channel, the BBC News (also referred to as BBC News channel) was launched on 9th November 1997 as BBC News 24. With the launch of the BBC News channel, BBC entered the digital domestic television channel space. Also, this channel became the first competitor to Sky News, which was operating from the year 1989 onwards.

The year 2008 marks the rebranding of the BBC news output where the channel was renamed to its present name, BBC News. 

The BBC News channel is broadcast in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Throughout the day, the BBC News channel is watched by twice the number of Sky News viewers.

The BBC News channel is hailed for being honored at the Royal Television Society Television Journalism Awards as the News Channel of the Year during the years 2006 and 2017.

The base and broadcasting center of the BBC News channel is Broadcasting House that is traceable to the West End of London.

Since May 2007, the BBC News channel was available online via the BBC News website.

The official website of the BBC News channel is Also, the channel is available live on BBC News Online and is accessible on the link  BBC News Online was launched in November 2017. As one of the popular news websites in the UK, BBC News Online reaches one-fourth of the online users of the UK. 

In addition to covering World News, BBC News Online provides the latest updates in the fields of Politics, Entertainment, and Sports.