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Launched on 11th March 1991, BBC World News is an international English television network. Operating under the BBC Global News Limited division of the BBC, BBC World News was initially launched by the name BBC World Service Television. Then, on 16th January 1995, the channel started being referred to as BBC World. The channel was renamed to its present name, BBC World News, on 21st April 2008.

The BBC World News network produces documentaries, news bulletins, interview programs, and lifestyle shows. The channel aims to cater to the overseas market. Also, its slogan reads as ‘Live the Story’.

BBC Global News Limited (BGNL) owns and operates the BBC World News channel; BGNL comes under BBC’s commercial group of companies. BBC World News raises funds via advertising and subscriptions; the United Kingdom television license does not fund it.

Although BBC World News channel does not broadcast in the United Kingdom, its news and programs are aired on the BBC News channel in the United Kingdom. 

The live newsfeed and recorded programs of the BBC World News television network come from the Broadcasting House in London. At the Broadcasting House, BBC World News has access to high-definition equipment and studios. 

BBC World News is available in more than 200 countries and territories around the world. BBC World News is viewable in Europe and other parts of the world through satellite and cable networks. Also, more commonly, the channel is accessible as a free-to-air channel.

The official website of the BBC World News channel is The website covers news in the fields of Business, Technology, Health, and Entertainment & Arts.