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Launched on 5th February 1989, Sky News is a British television news channel and distributed via both radio service and online mediums. The Sky Group owns this English, free-to-air channel that is broadcast in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. Also, the Sky Group is part of Comcast. The head of Sky News from the year 2006 onwards has been John Ryley.

The Sky News channel has various sister channels. One of its sister channels, Sky News Arabia, has entered into a joint partnership with Abu Dhabi Media Investment Corporation. Sky News Australia is another sister channel of Sky News channel and was partially owned by the parent company of Sky News, Sky plc, until the year 2016.

The radio arm of Sky News channel, Sky News Radio creates national and international news programs for community and commercial radio stations in the UK and other stations in different countries.

The international arm of Sky News channel is Sky News International. Among the various countries that simulcast the programs of Sky News International are Asia Pacific, America, South Asia, Africa, Middle East, and Australia.

Sky News content is also available on Yahoo! News, Pluto TV, YouTube, Amazon, Roku TV, Fire TV, and Apple TV.

Live streaming of World News programs of Sky News is available through its website and YouTube channel. The Sky News channel’s website is The website covers news in the fields of business, sports, news, showbiz, and weather. Also, the webcast link for viewing the Sky News channel live is