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NewsX is an English news channel with a large number of viewers in India, particularly urban Indians. The NewsX news channel was founded in the year 2008.

The founder of the NewsX channel is Peter Mukerjea, who was previously the CEO of Star India. Initially, the News channel was part of INX Media, which also has entertainment and music channels under its umbrella. After 12 months of having stared operations, the NewsX channel was put for sale due to financial troubles.

The acquisition of the News X channel by ITV (or Information TV network) network ensued in the year 2013, after which the channel has recorded high viewership. Also, News X has won the celebrated ‘News Channel of the Year’ award at ENBA.

The official website of the NewsX news channel is

The ITV network is a media house; the owner of ITV network is Kartkeya Sharma, who is the son of politician Venod Sharma. As India’s fastest-growing network, ITV has 2 newspapers, 4 regional news channels, 2 national news channels, and several digital businesses. 

Also, spanning 25 offices and over 100 live video sources, the network has an employee base over 2000 people. The ITV Network has a viewership base of 100 million viewers, too.

More so, ITV operates the Pro Wrestling League, which is the one of the world’s premier wrestling league. The League is attended by the top-ranking wrestlers every year.

The Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Director of ITV Network are Ajay Shukla and Professor Madhav Nalapat respectively.

In addition, the headquarters of the ITV network are located at Noida in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.