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A German multilinguistic television news network, DW (TV) was launched in August 1988 by RIAS (Radio in the American Sector) broadcasters. Initially, the channel was known as RIAS-TV. Then, in the year 1990, RIAS-TV was closed down. Subsequently, on 1st April 1992, the RIAS-TV broadcast facilities were taken over by Deutsche Welle and RIAS TV was renamed DW-TV. Presently, Deutsche Welle owns DW (TV).

In the year 1995, DW-TV started operating as a 24*7 news channel where it was broadcasting for 12 hours in German, for 10 hours in English, and 2 hours in Spanish.

In March 2009, DW-TV expanded television operations in Asia with the launch of the DW-TV Asia and DW-TV Asia+ channels.

On 6th February 2012, Deutsche Welle rebranded its television channels and started using the abbreviation DW for its offerings.

DW (TV) is aired in several countries. These include South Asia, Asia, Africa, North Africa, Middle East, Europe, North America, and Oceania.

Additionally, DW (TV) broadcasts news in various languages in different countries. English, Spanish, Arabic, and German – DW-TV airs programs in all these languages.

DW (TV) is broadcast on a range of platforms. These include satellite, Internet, and Digital terrestrial television.

DW (TV) covers news in a variety of fields: Arts & Culture, Sports, Lifestyle & Entertainment, Talk Shows, News & Politics, Documentaries & Feature Presentations, and Health, Science & Environment.

From 13th April 2018 onwards, DW (TV) has been operating five channels. These include DW (English), DW (Arabia), DW (Español), DW (Deutsch), and DW (Deutsch+).

The official website of the DW (TV) channel is https://www.dw.com/de/themen/s-9077.

The link to view DW (TV) live online in the English language is https://www.dw.com/en/media-center/live-tv/s-100825.