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A pan-European TV news network, Euronews was launched on 1st January 1993. Euronews first broadcast news from Écully, Lyon. However, in the year 1996, the channel set up another broadcast center in London. The founders of Euronews comprise a set of ten public broadcasters.

Having its headquarters in Lyon in France, Euronews delivers world news from a European standpoint. Additionally, the channel has several international offices for marketing and editorial works. Paris, Dubai, Istanbul, Brussels, Doha, Paris, London, Washington DC, Tbilisi, and Budapest – Euronews has offices in all these cities.

The joint owners of Euronews are many North African and European broadcasting companies. The majority stakeholder of Euronews is Media Networks, holding 88% share in the network. Naguib Sawiris is the Chairman of Media Network’s supervisory board; he is an Egyptian billionaire.

Euronews provides live-streamed news through its website, YouTube, and other devices; this service is available for a large part of the world, except the United States.

Euronews channel boasts of a subscriber base of 430 million households, spanning 166 countries around the world. The channel is accessible via cable terrestrial, and satellite mediums to 170 million European households. More so, Euronews is available on multimedia platforms including digital media channels and IPTV.

Some flagship programs of Euronews include Euronews Now, Good Morning Europe, Euronews Tonight, Late Edition, Prime Edition, Global Weekend – to name a few.

The official website of Euronews is The website covers news in the fields of Sport, Culture, Business, World News, among others. The link for watching Euronews Live on the Euronews website is