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New Delhi Television Limited (NDTV) has two broadcast news channels under its umbrella: NDTV India (Hindi news channel) and NDTV 24*7 (English news channel). Both NDTV India and NDTV 24*7 were launched by NDTV during the year 2003.

Along with that, NDTV launched NDTV Profit, a business news channel, in the year 2005. However, NDTV Profit later came to be known as NDTV Prime, which is now an infotainment channel.

NDTV started operations from the year 1984 onwards. The owners of NDTV are Prannoy Roy (an economist) and his wife Radhika Roy (a journalist). Whereas Prannoy Roy is the Chairman of NDTV, Radhika Roy is the Managing Director of NDTV. The duo hail from Kolkata in the Indian state of West Bengal.

NDTV India is a national Hindi news channel and widely viewed in India and international countries. The editor-in-chief of this hugely popular Hindi news channel is Ravish Kumar. He is counted among the renowned journalists of India. Also, he is the recipient of several prestigious awards. Among the distinguished awards that he has won is the Ramon Magsaysay Award in the year 2019.

Other journalists who are part of the NDTV India team are Manoranjan Bharati, Manish Kumar, Akhilesh Sharma, Nidhi Kulpati, Neeta Sharma, Aditi Rajput – to list a few.

During the year 2020, NDTV India was found to enjoy largest viewership in the Hindi-speaking belt of India; states such as Rajasthan, Jharkhand, and Bihar are included in this region. More so, in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, the same survey recorded NDTV India to be the second-most widely viewed Hindi news channel. In all, NDTV India recorded about 25% viewership in the above-mentioned regions.

Ravish Kumar Ravish Kumar

Born: 5 December 1974 , Bihar
Qualification : Deshbandhu College, University of Delhi, Indian Institute of Mass Communication, Loyola High School
Spouse(s): Nayana Dasgupta

Vishnu Som Vishnu Som

Born: July 1974, Copenhagen, Denmark

Sanket Upadhyay Sanket Upadhyay


Akhilesh Sharma Akhilesh Sharma


Tabish husain Tabish Husain


Prannoy-Roy Prannoy Roy


Chetan Bhattacharji Chetan Bhattacharji


Aunindyo Chakravarty Aunindyo Chakravarty


abhishek sharma Abhishek Sharma


Kamaal-Khan Kamaal Khan


Manish Kumar Manish Kumar


Manoranjan Bharati Manoranjan Bharati


Sunil Saini Sunil Saini


Sreenivasan Jain Sreenivasan Jain


Naghma Sahar Naghma Sahar


Nidhi Kulpati Nidhi Kulpati


Sikta Deo Sikta Deo


Sonia Singh Sonia Singh


Suparna Singh Suparna Singh


Devna Dwivedi Devna Dwivedi


Kadambini Sharma Kadambini Sharma


Anjilee Istwal Anjilee Istwal


Jaya Kaushik Dwivedi Jaya Kaushik Dwivedi


Pooja bhardwaj Puja Bharadwaj