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The launch date of the Sky News Australia channel is 19th February 1996. The Sky News Australia channel is a 24*7 channel that is available on cable and satellite networks. The channel is available across Australia on subscription platforms such as (Optus Television and Foxtel) and as a free-to-air television channel. Also, in New Zealand, the Sky News Australia channel is viewable on Vodafone and Sky Television.

The owner of the Sky News Australia channel is the Australian News Channel that is NewsCorp Australia’s privately-owned subsidiary. 

Austar added Sky News on 1st April 2000. Also, the by-demand interactive TV news service of Sky News, Sky News Active, started broadcast operations during the year 2004. Further, the Sky News Business channel was launched by Sky News in the year 2008. Additionally, the launch of the Australian Public Affairs Channel by Sky News took place on 20th January 2009.

Besides, Sky News started widescreen broadcasts from 17th May 2009 onwards. Sky News commenced broadcasting in high definition on 1st December 2015, while it launched Sky News Election Channel on 1st May 2016.

Then, during July 2017, Sky News began providing Fox Sports News; the channel appointed both reporters and presenters from both companies to dole out live content. Sky News displays sports updates as ‘Fox Sports News Updates’ on Sky News.

From May 2019, Sky News started investing in digital platforms and partnered with Taboola, Microsoft News, YouTube, and Facebook.

The Sky News Australia channel is available online on its official website, Sky News’ news channel website gives the latest updates in Business, Science & Technology, Politics, Entertainment & Arts, among others.