Pandya Store


Pandya Store

Pandya Store is an Indian Hindi-language soap opera that is viewable on both Star Plus channel and Disney+Hotstar digital platform. The premiere of this show was hosted on 25th January 2021 on Star Plus. Sphere Origins is the producer of the show and it is a remake of Pandian Stores, which is a Tamil series that features on Star Vijay channel.

Alice Kaushik, Kanwar Dhillon, Shiny Doshi, Kinshuk Mahajan, Mohit Parmar, Simran Budharup, and Akshay Kharodia – all are stars of the show.

Pandya Store is set in Somnath city of India’s Gujarat state. The show is largely shot at Film City in Mumbai. However, a few initial sequences have been shot in Somnath in Gujarat and Bikaner in Rajasthan, too.


The Pandya family reside in Somnath and they are a middle-class family. They run Pandya Store, which serves as their means of livelihood. 

As part of the Pandya Store story, Gautam and Dhara are shown as a married couple; Gautam is the eldest brother of the Pandya Family. Dhara’s young brothers-in-law (Shiva, Krish, and Dev) consider her to be a mother figure. Also, Dhara has to face many difficulties before finally being accepted by her mom-in-law. 

After a 10-year leap, Dev, Shiva, and Krish are seen as grown-ups. Moreover, they are yet fond of Dhara and take good care of her. As the show progresses, Shiva and Raavi are shown getting married. Even Dev and Rishita marry each other and falling in love.

Cast Members

Kinshuk Mahajan is seen playing the role of Gautam Pandya while Shiny Doshi portrays the role of Dhara Patel Pandya.

On the other hand, the roles of Shiva Pandya, Dev Pandya, and Krish Pandya are played by Kanwar Dhillon, Akshay Karodia, and Mohit Parmar respectively.

In addition, Alice Kaushik and Simran Budharup essay the roles of Raavi Narang Pandya and Rishita Dwivedi Pandya respectively.