CTV News Channel

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A Canadian news channel, CTV News Channel was launched on 30th September 1997. The CTV news channel broadcasts news in the English language. Bell Media is the owner of the CTV News Channel; Bell Media is Bell Canada’s wholly-owned subsidiary. The CTV News Channel provides breaking news, national news headlines, international news, regional news coverage, and general information.

The headquarters of the CTV News Channel are traced to 9 Channel Nine Court that lies in the Agincourt vicinity of Scarborough of the City of Toronto.

The channel was launched under the name CTV News 1. Then, on 8th September 1999, it came to be known as CTV Newsnet; this was after the launch of its sister channel, CTV Sportsnet. On 26th May 2009, CTV Newsnet underwent a name to change to its present name.

The CTV News Channel exhibits news from the CTV News newsrooms throughout Canada.

Among the various programs of the CTV News Channel are Your Morning, CTV National News, Question Period (hosted by Evan Solomon), W5, CTV News Overnight, and Power Play. The weekend coverage of the channel is branded as CTV News Weekend.

The notable anchors of the CTV News Channel are Jennifer Burke, Akshay Tandon, Marcia MacMillan, Andrea Bain, Sandie Ranaldo, Angie Seth, Anita Sharma, among others.

The official website of the CTV News Channel is https://www.ctvnews.ca/ctv-news-channel

CTV News Channel started broadcasting in HD definition from 19th December 2011 onwards. Also, the channel launched an HD-only feed on 16th February 2012. The HD channels of the CTV News Channel are available as pay channels across Canada.